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Looking for Big 4 Quality with Better Services and Fees?

Encore Partners LLP is your answer.

Our Firm was founded through experience gained from working for a leading global CPA firm, which equipped us with the knowledge and experience to provide a broad range of Tax Advisory and Compliance services for Individuals and Business entities. These experiences allow us to partner with our clients to assist them in becoming successful in meeting their personal and professional goals and financial objectives.

At Encore Partners LLP, we believe that corroboration and communication is the key metric to becoming a trusted tax advisor.


Encore’s Fitness Fridays – Good Health is Good Business

December 7, 2015

  Encore is dedicated to creating a working environment where both the employees and the firm thrive. In order to have healthy and active minds for productive work, one needs a healthy and active body, which is where our Encore Fitness Fridays come in. Each Friday at 4 o’clock we all finish up what we […]

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Successful Tax Workshop – Company Stock Plan & Tax Implications

December 2, 2015

The decision to kick off our workshops with this subject was actually quite simple. As many of our clients have company stock plans, we were surprised to learn that several clients were unaware of the tax consequences related to their stock plan and how the decisions they make/made throughout the year affect their taxes. During […]

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